Curious: A Question From D

Today I have been struggling to write, my creative block was giving me a headache. I don’t know whether it’s my general depression or my quitting smoking that has me in such a funk but I asked D, one of my closest people for a prompt.

D, though a writer himself, never makes life easy for other writers but he does make it wacky, wild and oh so wonderful. So here we go…

What if ninjas invaded the USA and stole their formula for making idiotic presidential candidates?

Are you ready for some extreme bullshit. Nope. Too late!

Let’s get back to basics on this one… Ninjas… let’s not play ninja gaiden in our minds I want to go back to the original ninjas. During the 1500’s in Japan, ninjas were not black pj wearing killing machines unfortunately they were something closer to what we imagine I intelligence officers of MI6 or the CIA. 

They would dress to blend rather to hide, killing wasn’t their main objective but information gathering was. I’m talking ninja farmers…

Now let’s gnaw on the idea of American presidential candidates for a moment. Idiotic? Perhaps. This may also be the circling of history that tends to happen. Many have suggested that president elect Trump is the next Hitler and though history shows many similarities within a world insight (everything is going to motherfucking shit) I do not see the similarities. This being said Trump is a god damn idiot and I still stand with Mrs Clinton for equality and justice of this world. 

Can I just do a quick digress? How many of you would chose to be Trumps life partner? Think of dating that man, despite money do you think that would feel good? That is what America had basically done. They dating (my) worst nightmare… an accused child molester with a terribly blown up ego. Damn Gina.

Anyway, if Ninjas were to invade the US and discover the formula for terrible choices they would find this… 

  1. An individual with bollocks for brains 
  2. Seemingly dominant yet easily influenced
  3. Some form of prominent history leading to “experience”
  4. A shit load of money
  5. A fucking majestic media team

With this in mind I would hope that ninjas would turn into some kind of ‘accidential’ killing machines and wipe out anyone that could duck up this world any further. Please bare in mind I am a complete pacifist…I understand I do not sound like it.

Any more questions I should answer? Just comment…

I’m sorry if I offended you. America I love you, you crazy fools. I stand with her. 

Sorry D. 


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