A Love Letter

Dear Me,

So, we’ve known each other an awfully long time. Our entire life’s to be exact and it hasn’t always been plain sailing. I am writing to you today because I am proud of you though you don’t always feel that way. You need to remember that I love you.

I love the way you look, with your messy hair and dimpled cheeks. You may corrode at your self esteem by picking flaws but you’ve changed the things you’ve hated before and I know you have the will to do so again.

I love the way you laugh. Some days you’re a double of Jimmy Carr, others it’s so outrageous that you can’t stop. It’s infectious and makes others smile.

I love the way you take time for others. Your main priority is how others feel and what you can do as an individual to help, even at a loss to yourself.

I love the way you dance, dress as a unicorn and make a total fool out of yourself in public. You know everyone else is so absorbed in their own drama to care, the ones that do laugh or think of you as an idiot. But hey! You’re you!

I love the passion you have for your interests. Drama and politics, writing and performing. You come alive when you indulge yourself and seem to melt into happiness.

I love how you surround yourself with only the best people. You take time to ease out of toxic situations and people. You understand that live is to be enjoyed.

I love how you’ve grown. You’re growing out of your depression, you’ve grown out of your horrid habits, you grow and develop into a better person daily.

I love how you love. To the soul. Love is your life power and you wish to spread it to those that need it. You love with passion and grace and those that have your love are lucky.

I love your fight. Through everything especially over the past year you kept fighting even when there was no point.

I love how you question. I love how safe you make a situation yet not afraid to rock the boat. Even with stupid and completely inappropriate questions.

I love your need to read. You pick up a book daily and truest love immersing yourself in someone’s fantasy.

I love your foul mouth. The way you swear all the time and don’t give two fucks. Wanker.

I love that your confused. That your scared. That your lovely. I love everything about you. You make me smile.

I love you,



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